About Us

Lift It Rite is a two family, owner-operator business; not a franchise.
Our office branches are located in Gainesville and Loganville and we serve
all of the N. Georgia area. Having over 25 years experience in our industry
lends us the ability to be proficient and knowledgeable of the work we
perform. *

Advantages of using poly-foam concrete lifting:

  • Long term,cost effective alternative to replacement

No ripping out concrete to pour a new slab

  • Non-invasive process, very small drill holes are made to inject the foam
    which expands to lift and stabilize

The foam product dries within minutes and the surface can be used

  • Non-harmful to the environment
  • Our work and product carries a 5 year warranty

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction so
that you can enjoy the work for years to come. When you trust us to do your
job, you will always know who you’re talking to.


Quality You Can Trust

  • Quick Cure Time
  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Backed by Product Manufacturer
  • Stronger than Crystalline Bedrock